61 in 1001

trying to do a 61 in 1001. that means in the time of 1001 days you try to do all the little goals you set for yourself. which means you got more time to do them. 

This is a very personal array of things I always wanted to do or started already. things I am working on will be cursiv. things i finished will be crossed out. obviously. 

so lets see, if I can tackle this one :)

this task starts today jan, 01, 2017

it ends sep, 28,2019

1. losing weight (around 10kg)
2.  mastering a yoga challenge either Adriene or Fightmaster Yoga
3. pilates for beginners a whole month
4. learning to use my camera properly
5. scetching/painting for an evening a week
6. one week without facebook
7. blogging a day a month
8. 1 week without coffee
9. transitioning to a vegan lifestyle (firstly food)
10. painting one wall in my room
11. buy a new nightstand
12. buying fresh flowers every weekend a month
13. make a garage sale
14. one week without binge watching
15. one week reading in the evening
16. rearrange my kitchen
17. rearrange my room - again
18. once a month visiting a museum or exhibition
19. buying new shoe cabinets
20. meditate once a week
21. get piercings done
22. knitting a loop
23. finishing my wristwarmers
24. a picture a day a year long
25. tackeling my book shelf tbr
26. reading challenge 
27. deep cleaning my clothes
28. wear lipstick at least once a week
29. go to the animal shelter to get a companion for Peppermint Patty
29. doing a photo session with both of them then
30. christmas cards with Pepper and the new guy in time
31. buying more cruelty free cosmetic
32. read a weekend long
33. visit Pebbles on her grave once a week
34. visit all areas berlin has to offer, take pictures and blog about it
35. blog about shows and books
36. get more ink done :D
37. make my balcony more green
38. have new lights on my balcony
39. bake glutenfree muffins
40. memorize a shakespeare sonett
41. write a short story
42. develop a better sleep pattern
43. 30 for 30 remix
44. trying a bullet journal
45. spend one of my birthdays in a different town
46. learn the 10 finger system
47. update my journals
48. bring my pictures in order (digital wise)
49. getting a new phone
50. getting an external hard disk
51. sing in a choir again
52. meeting online people in real life
53. mastering the art of a winged eyeliner
54. brunch with my girls veganised
55. practicing my bass playing
56. providing my friends and family with selfmade christmas presents
57. having a mani/pedicure
58. having a deep cleanse of my skin
59. one day a week wear something out of my comfort zone for a month
60. be more organised in time
61. take no more bullshit. from noone.


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