my march wrap up

Hello lovelies,

this was a great reading month for me. I managed to read seven books in total which is quite a lot in my book (pun intended). Among these seven books were two graphic novels which I got from my local library. You should check out them more often. They have a lot to offer and you don't have to buy these books and later find out you don't like them. But if you do, you can purchase them later because you already know that you like them. Does this make sense? I do hope so.

Anyway, I wanted to talk a bit about the books I read this month. 

My first book was 'Der Libellenflüsterer' by Monika Feth. I already read all her other books. Usually I lend them from my niece who seems to have them all aparently. But this one I found in my library and, knowing the author has a good writing style, I took it with me. Well, the book was written very good, gripping and exciting but the end was a bit abrupt. I really liked the story but somehow I wished for a better ending. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but I felt something was missing. I would have wished for a better solution in the end psychological wise. 

My next read was one of the graphic novels. Intrigued by the blob on the back I found the story of  'Ghostface' by Min -Woo Hyung and Zack Shu very fascinating. Sadly you can read graphic novels very fast so you always want more to know and to read and I have to wait for the next books to come out in my library. The graphics I really liked. 

'Silber - Das dritte Buch der Träume' by Kerstin Gier was my next read and the last book in the Silber - trilogy. Honestly I better had read the first two books again because sadly I forgot an awful lot but somehow I remembered and in the end it was a good book. It was a fluffy read and I read it in about a day which is even in german quite fast. 

Then came 'Ich bin die Angst' und 'Ich bin der Schmerz' by Ethan Cross. Both books are psychological thriller and very good written. Both stories are fast written, and the reading pace is also very fast. I put both together here because they are book 2 and 3 in the series around Marcus Williams and his Brother Francis Ackermann Jr. 

Next I read 'Magnus Chase - Das Schwert des Sommers' by Rick Riordan. It is the first installment of a series of books about north gods and I really, really liked it. It is nice to read about norse mythology instead of ancient greek mythology. And honestly I liked Magnus and his crew a lot more then I liked Percy Jackson. Somehow Magnus felt more real to me then Percy did. I can't wait to read the second book about Magnus. 

The last book I read in March was the second graphic novel I got from my library: 'Scotland Yard' by Dobbs and Stéphane Perger. The graphics were a lot different then the ones from Ghostface but nonetheless amazing as well. The stories reminded me of the beginning of the gothic novels in literature and content inclined likewise with Vampires, the naming of Sherlock Holmes and Percy Shelley. Also, if there is a chance to get my hands on another copy I will gladly do so. I like gothic novels and therefor I will read Graphic novels about them as well. 

So, thank you for staying with me for this long review. Although the reviews are not as detailed as I like them to be I will get there. I am still learning. So please bear with me and enjoy this ride with me as much as I do it. 

Have a nice week ahead.

Take care,


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