what we did yesterday

so i went to the decor8/dawanda event yesterday. i met a lot of interesting new people, exchanged adresses and numbers and it was quite inspiring. and we had this workshop for screenprinting organised by smil http://www.smil.biz/ and bloodybunny http://www.bloodybunny.de/ and they had these gorgeous prints we could print by ourselfs on a bag. and it was fun and they were really, really patient with us and helpful. when i have a camera i will take a picture of my bag and you'll have a look :-) till then have a look at their shops. i, for myself, have an eye on this: http://www.smil.biz/index.php?showimage=161&category=16 and this: http://de.dawanda.com/product/656466-BOOO-MAGNET when i now how to combine pictures AND urls its gonna be better.promised! so, have fun looking at these gorgeous things in their shops.


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