May the Forth be with you aka StarWars appreciation day

Hello lovelies,

you may not know but I am a huge StarWars fan and I love not only the old movies but the new ones. I look at you Rogue One although it is a StarWars story and not really StarWars. 

I know the movies I-III aren't the best, the first one was horrible let's face it, I think they have their reason to be in the StarWars canon. 

I love how the story good versus evil expands. How there are twists and turns you wouldn't expect. I love that there are strong female characters who doesn't need a man to safe them. These women can safe themselves and I love the wonderful sidekick androids and that they are the truely stars in these StarWars. 

When I was a kid and didn't fully understand the story it was Princess Leia I loved. She was fierce, independent and still had a loving heart. My own nerdgirl heart still aches by the thought we humans can't see the amazing Carrie Fisher here on earth any longer but I am glad she was my Princess Leia. My heart will be hurting again when we will see her this year in December when the next StarWars movie comes out.

Funny thing though - I never owned a DVD of my beloved movies. Not until my now ex-boyfriend gave me his StarWars box. He said, that I will watch the movies more then he ever will. And he is right. Although I have watched them a hundreth times, and I am not exaggerating here, it is as if I watch them for the first time. Even so I know nearly every line. 

I will continue watching them. New and old because they always lift me up. They always show me that there is hope. And especially the women show me that there is always something to fight for. 

I will end this with a quote that starts to become my motto these days in a very personal way:

Thank you for sticking with me in this one. Just tell me how much impact has or had StarWars in your life. I'd like to know. 

Take care,


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