time and time again...sundays

hi there,

i am back ( i think ^^)

saw: american horror story - coven (finally i came to the end); game of thromes
read: todesengel
heard: beyonce, marteria, casper, miss platnum
did: went to miss platnum,  night out with j., made my home bunny safe
ate: nothing fancy at all
drank: watermelon man (my fav cocktail); coffee, tea, water
thought: changes are about to come
happy about: i am here. i am.
angry about: stupid, narrowminded people
wished: that all ends well
bought: a new printer *shiny*
clicked: pinterest

wish you a great mothers day!



you just gotta love him

hello lovelies,

i wish you a very good start in another week.  

todays quote is from the infamous robert downey jr. he is one of my favourite actors. even in his early age he was and the crush still holds on. i think he is getting better and better with age. and he surely has some 'je ne sais quois' around him which i find utterly aborable.

have a nice day,

quote found via pinterest
source (for now) here


time and time again...sundays

hello lovelies,

i hope you all had a wonderful week. 
i had a visitor in my little flat this week and it surely was great to have someone here for the first time. we had a lot of catching up to do and it was so great. next time you are here i hopefully will have some free time to spend with you!

saw: the walking dead; scandal; suits; reign; true detectives; sherlock (with h. and we squeed a lot :))
read: finally finished 'silver bay' and now on to 'das hexenkreuz'
heard: miss platnum on heavy rotation- can't get enough of her new album
did: bowling, late night talks with h. while she was here
ate: salad with chicken, riso pollo, indian curry
drunk: water, coffee, vanilla chai tea, tequila sunrise, carrot-orange-ginger-juice
thought: mind your own f***g business!
happy about: my first visitor in my apartement; a really, really lovely night with my co-workers and my somehow a little stupid rabbit who tries to jump on my new armchair but fails with a really loud 'thump' (he then just pretended it never happend but i am certain he will try again-in the end he is one little fighter who never gives up)
angry about: why do people always feel the urge to talk behind someones back? this really is annoying.
wished: that my rabbit stays with me as long as possible
bought: mascara
clicked: pinterest, blogs

have a nice and sunny sunday,


and that is why i love taking pictures

hello lovelies,

another week another inspirational quote ;)

hope you have a lovely day,

found on pinterest.
source here and here


time and time again...sundays

hello lovelies,

last weekend i felt a bit under the weather although same was really, really lovely and my mom and her friend were visiting me. the result: i catched a cold and was sick the whole week. now i am feeling a bit better, although my nose is still a bit sore.

saw: the walking dead, hannibal, elementary, scandal, haven, reign (i really like the costumes even they are not accurate. it is nice to watch but historicaly not correct)
read: silver bay by jojo moyers
heard: radio and new miss platnum :D
did: household chores; baked a cake
ate: a lot of vegetables, salat, lemon cake (selfmade)
drunk: coffee, tea, water, cranberry juice
thought: hmpf!
happy about: my friend hanna comes to visit me :D
angry about: being sick sucks
wished: to sleep more, constantly woken up by your pet surely is cute and saves you from the alarm clock, but it doesn't come in handy on the weekends :(
bought: nailpolish, new miss platnum album as mp3
clicked: blogs, pinterest

have a lovely week ahead,